Free beautiful hotspots When You Visit Japan

Japan has been a great site-seeing spot for how many years and it is also a great place when going on a vacation if you want an oriental feel during your trip and stay. Japan has vast and wide array of cultures and history. Paintings and books define how Japan is rich in tradition and culture. Furthermore, when planning to visit Japan, there are some suggestions and things you must o to fully experience a Japanese culture and history.

Here are the following:

Visit Kyoto’s Ancient sites
Visiting the sites in Kyoto will give you the new experience and bathes you in rich culture and history, dating back to hundreds and hundreds of years. Kyoto has been Japan’s capital dating from 794 to 1868. A place to visit is called Kinkakuji, once a shogun’s retirement villa, but now converted and used as a Zen Buddhist temple. Perching and situated on the bank of a serene pond, the temple casts a golden reflection in the water. Actually, the word “kin” in “Kinkakuji” means GOLD. So, that is why the name also describes the way it presents itself. In overall total, Kyoto has 17 World Heritage sites including Kinkakuji and Ryoanji, but with some 2,000 temples and shrines is also located throughout the city of Kyoto. With the numerous gardens, people and tourist never stop to be inspired by these beauties and nostalgic views.

Overnight in a temple
Gallery hop and shopping on “Art Island”
Shopping your way through the three major galleries and art avenues in Naoshima in the Seto Inland Sea is the best way to do it. Art isn’t restricted to just limited places. Even the I love Yu public baths have a pop-art makeover and Naoshima has been entitled and dubbed as the “Art Island” for a good reason.

Experience traditional accommodation
The gentle touch and scent of the tatami mats, the beauty and nostalgic sense of the interior designs, the careful and cautious service, the outdoor springs and hot spring baths, the multi-course meal from local ingredients and produce that are just fresh and newly picked, the residing and calming silence, and the ambiance where the sounds caress your ears and mind—combined together would make a night and your stay a very memorable and peaceful sleep, in a traditional Japanese way and in a Japanese inn, or ryokan.

That is why, whenever you have the large budget and savings, and when you planned to visit Japan, the Land f the Rising Sun, then these are the things and goals you may do to fully experience the way of Japan, and to have an unforgettable experience and memories from Japan. With the sceneries and nostalgic, picturesque places and gardens, then Japan would be the best place to go on vacations and trips.

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